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Access Your VISA Account
on MemberConnect
Your Visa Account is listed on our computer system as a loan. Unless you have changed your preference in the MemberConnect system, it will be set to "Menu Mode". The instructions below are for that mode. Expert mode transaction codes are shown below.

To obtain information about your account using the MemberConnect system, you will need to know the loan ID for your account. To find out your Visa loan ID select "Loan Information" (option 6) then "Open Loan List" (option 2). The system will list your loan IDs and their balances. You should be able to tell by the balance which one is your Visa account.

To access MemberConnect:
Call 417/520-0374 or 800/236-5614 (out of town only). When prompted, enter your credit union account number (not your Visa credit card number!) followed by the pound (#) sign. Then enter your access code and the pound sign.*

To get your Visa balance:
Choose Loan Information Menu (option 6) then Loan Balance (option 1). When prompted, enter your loan ID.

To get your payment amount and due date:
Choose Loan Information Menu (option 6) then Loan Payment Inquiry (option 4). When prompted, enter your loan ID.

To hear a recent history of account transactions:
Choose Loan Information Menu (option 6) then Loan History (option 3). When prompted, enter your loan ID.

*If you are a first-time user of the MemberConnect system, the initial sign-on procedure will vary slightly. Please follow the voice prompts.

Transaction Codes for
Expert Mode
Open Loan List 14
Loan Balance 12
Loan Payment/Due Date 60
Loan History 23

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